Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Occupier's laws

A student at Hebrew University sent me this flyer (in Hebrew and Arabic). I don't wish to identify her for her own protection. She wrote: "Attached with this email a picture (in Arabic(?) & Hebrew) for an order to close the Palestinian National Theatre (Al-Hakawati) in Jerusalem that was put on the theatre's door. This happens regularly in this place, and in others that take place in Jerusalem: few minutes before they start, soldiers come to evactuate people. The exhibition that is supposed to end tomorrow is not part of the events of Jerusalem the Capital of Arab Culture... At the same day of the opening of these events (which did not happen in Jerusalem, huh), soldiers broke in to a school while kids were celebrating Mother's Day." Do you notice how bad Israeli terrorist army's Arabic is? I argue that goofy Google's translation into Arabic are better than the Arabic of Israeli Orientalism.