Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morrocco's Represion

Morocco has initiated a campaign of repression agaisnt Shi`ites, gays, feminists and what it calls "musha`wizin" (quacks): "Government sources say this is a counter-attack against press articles calling for greater tolerance of homosexuality. The government regards homosexuality as contrary to social values and Islam, and Islamists, in particular the Justice and Development Party, have condemned the campaign and called for firm action. Newspapers report that about 20 gays were recently arrested in the center of the country. A French feminist organization was earlier this year refused permission to open a branch in Morocco. Fouzia Assouli, a women's rights campaigner, said the new emphasis on moral values was linked to local polls due to take place in June and the government's determination not to give Islamists an issue around which to rally."