Saturday, March 21, 2009

Judith Miller from Beirut

It takes a week to really understand the country, and to explain to Western readers. "Saad Hariri told our group of US journalists and policy analysts invited by a foundation close to March 14th lunch that he was "reassured" by the fact that the American envoys had visited Beirut before and after their talks in Damascus." Of course, self-respecting journalists don't accept paid-for invitations to cover a country. Hell, even the lousy New York Times categorically refuses such offers. Miller adds: "No breasts or even hairdos are on display here. Dreary Iranian-style apartment buildings rise from the bombed-out craters alongside derelict buildings that Israel carpet-bombed into semi-oblivion in 2006." By the way, her description of the southern surburbs have the markings of somebody who did not visit but who "was told" how it was, or how it was supposed to be. In fact, last time I was there, my friend was commenting how Lebanese popular culture is too strong for Hizbullah to try to prevent it in the suburbs. But what I want to know is this: did Miller who single-handedly found Saddam's WMDs found any Lebanese WMDs in Beirut? (thanks Nir)
PS I am told that the best version of pirated DVDs of the show "the L word" can be found in the southern suburbs of Beirut.