Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ethan Bronner's standards

"On Thursday, the military issued its first casualty count, saying 1,166 people were killed. Of those, it said 295 were noncombatants, 709 were what it called Hamas terror operatives and 162 were men whose affiliations remained unidentified." So according to Ethan Bronner killing 295 Palestinian civilians is not terrorism. Everybody who sent me this piece sent it under the subject line: Bronner outdoes himself here. Look at this: "“I’m not saying that nothing bad happened,” Bentzi Gruber, a colonel in the reserves and deputy commander of the armored division, said in an interview." So it is bad but NOT that bad. There will be a day when Ethan Bronner's reporting from Israel will be seen like the propaganda production of As-Sahab Foundation.