Thursday, March 26, 2009


Asa sent me this (and I cite with his permission): "Tactically speaking, I'm generally more reluctant to criticise this group than HRW or something, but this recent press release really takes the biscuit (as we say over here): "The leadership of Hamas is obligated to release Shalit
immediately and unconditionally." Contrast that with their weak and equivocal language over Palestinians kidnapped by Israel and held without trial: "B'Tselem urges the Israeli government to immediately release all administrative detainees or bring them to trial for any criminal offenses they are suspected of having committed. B'Tselem also calls upon the government to direct the military commanders to amend the military orders applying to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pursuant to which administrative detention is made, so that it conforms to international legal standards." And they appear not to say anything at all about those Palestinians kidnapped by Israel who have been through their illegitimate occupation "legal" system."