Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White and half-white prisoners in Egypt

Vincenzo Terranova sent me this message (I cite with his permission): "Thank you so much for writing the "Half-whiteness came in handy" post. The past few days I have been annoyed and irritated beyond belief with the reactions towards philip's detention. I mean compare the reaction to philip's detention to the cases of police torture which are actually caught on video. I even heard that some people in the us demonstrated in the front of egyptian embassies! I can't imagine that happening even if a 100 ikwan were killed, not just detained. And what news is there of these two pro-gaza activists who were just sentenced to a year imprisonment? Or Magdy Hussein who was just sentenced to two years? Unfortunately for them they are not half european or rich like philip. And of course also, the rich brats of the bourgeoise here, (of course with agaanib, who only deem it correct to protest a half German, rich egyptian's detention) protested at the second bastion of the white man in Cairo (1st: the fortress which the americans call an embassy): AUC. Also I think it is interesting to note that the "To Gaza" march which philip was arrested during was made up of 15 people (including press !!), many of them being agaanib, just look at this picture which says it all. It hardly needs to be said that when popular (meaning more than the number of people you can fit in a classroom) demonstrations (when the majority of the people aren't rich or agaanib) are repressed brutally my mubarak's pigs (which happened several times during israel's massacre in gaza, and put some into the hospital), not half the attention is given to them as to this pointless bourgeois venture."