Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On Collaborators

One of the most annoying (but predictable) trends in American Zionist media, is this concern for the plight of collaborators. Of course, they care about them because they work on behalf of the Israeli terrorist occupation. Yesterday, much of the coverage on Gaza suffering in the lousy article in the New York Times (which carried the contribution of Taghreed El-Khodary) focused not on the civilian population but on the plight of collaborators. But this reveals much about the thrust of US media coverage: that they impose standards on the Palestinian national movement that were never imposed on any movement. The Palestinian national movement is expected to adhere to standards that no other national movement ever adhered to. Collaborators are killers: these are the one who direct and help Israeli terrorist occupation as it bombs the hell out of Palestinian cities and towns. They are partners in the Israeli terrorist occupation crime. When American liberals were supporting the strugge against apartheid in South Africa, they never expressed concerns for the life of collaborators who were necklaced. How did the American Revolutionaries deal with collaborators? Or how did the Algerian Revolutionaries deal with collaborators? The French resistance was most ruthless with collaborators: they would usually shoot the man (or woman in some cases) in front of his family, and sometimes they would shoot him WITH his family. But this is clear; Western governemnts and media are all supporting a collaborationist regime represented by the likes of Abu Mazen, `Abd-Rabbu, Dahlan and the others. It is in their interest to redefine collaboration in a way as to salvage the reputation of those gangsters.