Sunday, September 14, 2008

The stormy session of the Iraqi puppet parliament was very revealing: it met to discuss the status of Mithal Al-Lusi who visited Israel. What was striking is that the Iraqi political culture remains anti-Israel, despite promises made by Ahmad Chalabi and Iyad `Allawi to the effect that Iraq will sign a peace treaty with Israel a year after "liberation." Al-Lusi (one of many thuggish characters in the Iraqi puppet parliaments) punched another deputy who criticized him. Al-Lusi was even kicked out of Ahmad Chalabi's own party for his dealings with Israel. But when I read those stories, they please me: in the sense that I know the quality of Israel's friends in the Arab world: they are the tyrants, the crooks, the charlatans, and the criminals, and `Ali Salim and this fellow. Oh, yeah: they will really change Arab public opinion on behalf of Israel. Oh, yeah. They have as much influence on Arab opinion as Qadhdhafi has on American public opinion. And here: this McCLatchy news report, lionizes the man. But then again: has there ever been a stooge of Israel in the Arab world that the US media did not admire? Name one.