Monday, March 31, 2008

Who is worse than Al-Qa`idah, and worse than who is worse than Al-Qa`idah? Iraqi puppet prime minister (former Da`wah leader, and the party specialized in car bombings), Nuri Al-Maliki (loyal to both Iran and US) said that he is going after Al-Mahdi militia because they are worse than Al-Qa`idah. But after the failure of his offensive, he said yesterday that his offensive is not necessarily targeting Al-Mahdi militia? So who is he targeting them??? "The failure of Mr Maliki to make good his threat so far to eliminate the Mehdi Army and growing signs of dissent in army units is damaging his authority, "It is possible that Muqtada and the Mehdi Army will emerge from this crisis stronger than they were before," warned one Iraqi politician who did not want his name published."