Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here and There. Al-Qa`idah's translation of the Bin Laden speech is off. When Bin Laden addressed "al-`uqala'" in the EU it was translated as "the intelligent ones" when it should have been "the reasonable ones." This is ironic because on some other websites, Al-Qa`idah has called for accurate translations of the speeches of its leaders. The tone of Bin Laden's delivery has become more monotone for some reason. On another note, I heard Karl Rove quote Bernard Lewis today. And Frank Zappa was right: Discovery Channel is very suspicious. Just the other day, they ran a tribute to the Mirkava tank: less than two years after its humiliation in Lebanon. Not a coincidence. Also, when I am on the road, I get to watch US TV. US entertainment TV is not watchable: too many commercials. In fact, it has become channels of commercials with some programming inserted in between.