Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On March 2nd, 1974, Al-Hadaf (the mouthpiece of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), published the transcript of an interview conducted by an Italian leftist newspaper with the late George Habash. Here is what he said about the Rome bombing*: "And regarding every operation that our organization undertakes, we are responsible for the evaluation of the magnitude of gain and damage that an operation nets, on all levels--Palestinian, Arab, and international. But at the same time, we don't constitute the whole Palestinian people which is uprooted and dispersed, and we don't plan all external operations, and consequently we can't guarantee the health and safety of all operations that occur outside [of Palestine]....As for the recent Rome operation which does not match the revolutionary lines that we adhere to in our external military action, we inside the Executive Committee of the PLO, were staunchly in favor of forming a commission to investigate this operation." (p. 12).
* To show you the ignorance of the Western AND Arab media. That Rome attack is still referred to as one of the "operations" of the PFLP when it was perpetrated by a Fath defector, Abu Mahmud (Ahmad `Abdul-Ghafur) who, under direction from the Libyan regime, formed a small gang, known as Arab Nationalist Youth for the Liberation of Palestine. Later, Arafat sent hit men after Abu Mahmud and he was gunned down in September 1974, in Beirut. If you are in doubt, would you kindly check the facts first? Or even call me. No, don't you ever call me. Never mind.