Sunday, December 30, 2007

"On the outer fringes of the throng around Benazir Bhutto that night in Larkana eight years ago were the local villagers who had somehow blagged their way in. They were welcome enough - as long as they stayed in their place. But one had a camera and took a picture. The flash had not even faded away before - with a ferocious imperious expression - Benazir Bhutto pointed in his general direction. Her minders, who had obviously been mingling in the crowd for just such an eventuality, wrestled him to the ground, grabbed his camera, ripped out the film and hurled him out of the door into the courtyard. I looked at her surprised, shocked. "I am sorry," she said, solicitous of my western sensibilities." Western sensibilities? Is that why the West has always adhered to the strictest standards of social and economic equality? Do they think before they write such drivel? (thanks Mal)