Friday, August 31, 2007

The Maronite church in Lebanon wants to make Patriarch Istifan Duwayhi a saint. To help out, As-Safir lists his miracles during his lifetime (well-over the needed three): He became blind in Rome so he prayed to Virgin Mary, and she cured him; he once stopped a fire in Majdal Al-Ma`ush; he froze a fig tree because the people of the village of Ito could not agree--he seems to have had temper; he cured "several people;" he brought down rain in Qannubin; he stopped rain in `Alma coast; he stopped a rock in Qannubin; he contained rain between Ghazir and Qannubin; he prevented insects from destroying crops in Jubayl, Barbarah, and Ihdin; one night, he lit the night for the girl Terez Habib Dahdah in Ihdin. With a record like this, what is delaying the Vatican?