Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top ten reasons why you should never stay in this hotel in Islamabad. 1) there is a horrible stench that hits you as soon as you enter the lobby; 2) When you ask for Nan bread they bring you the round bread; 3) The hotel hosts weddings daily, and invited kids get bored so to entertain themselves they knock on all doors, and they remove "Don't Disturb Signs"; 4) the kitchen is adjacent to the rooms which allows the cock roaches to travel easily between kitchen and rooms; 5) The Fitness center has not been used in years, and when you ask to use it, they need a while to find the keys and to let you in, and it is at least 130 degrees; 6) Sometimes the fresh towels that they provide you with after they make your) room are wet, used, and very unfresh; 7) Don't bother to have people leave messages for you because you will not get them; 8) They tell you that there is wi fi in the hotel and it works but it takes a break once every 10 minutes; 9) When you plug your computer, the socket sinks deep into the wall and you will not be able to retrieve it without help. 10) there is a community of lizards living in room 103.