Sunday, June 24, 2007

Speaking Abilities of Contemporary Arab Leaders. Politics aside, Isma`il Haniyyah is one of the best and most eloquent speakers in present-day Arab world. He has a very good voice, and has a tone that is rather unique to him: he has his own style, that is. Khalid Misha`al comes across as insincere and sneaky, without any oratorical skills. Abu Mazen, on the other hand, has the speaking abilities of Sen. Harry Reid (with even less charisma--if that is possible). Sa'ib `Urayqat comes across as somebody who is willing to say anything for a fee--or, to be fair--for personal advancement. Fu'ad Sanyurah thinks that you can compensate for lack of charisma by yelling when reading a speech, and by repeating the last sentence of any spech three times. Sa`d Hariri reads his speeches as if sedated, always. Mu`ammar Qadhdhafi does not speak: he mumbles, and is always on the defensive. Muhammad Dahlan speaks as if he is trying to sell a car without an engine or tires, but is trying to promote it as the best car there is. The Saudi King, well, let us hope he takes classes in reading and writing before we judge him. Hasan Nasrallah is also a gifted speaker: and is quite controlled in his emotional expressions. I think that he is at his best when he improvises. `Arafat was never eloquent or articulate: but has a great speaking voice, especially when he used to yell a speech. He can render a bad text into a well-sounding speech. George Habash in his prime was one of the best speakers I have heard. And he has a quality that is rare: he comes across as sincere--because he was, no matter whether you agreed with him or not. Anwar Sadat had great command of the Arabic language, and used it very effectively. He was very good in sloganeering. Muhsin Ibrahim of the Communist Action Organization was one of the best polemicists and pamphleteers of the contemporary Arab world: the Nasserist regime appreciated that quality about him during the Movement of Arab Nationalists. The late King of Morocco was a great speaker: he would quote Lenin and Qur'an in the same speech. He was quite eloquent. OK, I have to pack now.