Sunday, April 29, 2007

You ask and Grant (not at all) Ayatullah Sistani answers:
Question: What are the kind of TV programs and films that parents are not permitted to let their children watch?
Answer: All that which contradicts their good religious upbringing--including commanding the good--and prohibiting evil, and the spread of destructive ideas and the erotic pictures that stimulate satanic instincts, and all that leads to intellectual and moral decadence for the viewer.
Question: is it permissible to hit children?
Answer: If straightening is confined to using force, and hitting is permissible provided it does not exceed three lashes, and that it be done gently so that the body is not red or made black; as for the adults, there is controversy so it is better to abandon."
Question: Is it permissible to kiss a foreign girl?
Answer: It is permissible to kiss a foreign girl provided the kissing is devoid of instinctive enjoyment, although it is better to abandon if the girl reaches the age of six.
Question: is it permissible to kiss non-Muslim women?
Answer: It is not."