Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do you notice that US puppets really look like...puppets when they meet with their master? (thanks Sara) (Make sure to click on the picture to enlarge NOW. And notice the shopping bag on the floor next to Hadley's desk (to the right of him); the Lebanonese delegation, it seems, brought gifts to Mr. Hadley. Is that not nice?) Really. Furthermore, I bet you that Mr. Bush entered the room, sat down for the picture, shook their hands, and left. And that was transformed in Jumblat's imagination into a 30 minutes meeting--a record of which does not exist in the White House homepage; and Jumblat's supporters in Lebanon extended the meeting into an hour--also in their imagination.) Lebanonese leaders--of all sects, and stripes--would sell their mothers and fathers to have their pictures taken with a White Man leader. And look at Hariri guy, Ghattas Khuri (who used to write reports to Syrian intelligence chief in Lebanon, Rustum Ghazalah, when he used to visit the US when Rafiq Hariri was implementing orders from Ghazalah): why does he look so eager and ready to jump? He looks as if he is about to jump: to fix a tie, or probably shine a shoe.