Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did you notice how many times sectarian war criminal, Walid Jumblat, used the word "totalitarian" in his talk at American Enterprise Institute? What a scene, it was. He thinks that by using the word "totalitarian" he comes across as "the intellectual" that he thinks of himself--merely because he carries a subscription to the New York Review of Books. I mean, I have a life-long subscription to the National Inquirer but do you see me bragging? Was Michael Ledeen in the audience? Come to think of it. Walid Jumblat and Michael Ledeen should get along just fine. I recommend that they meet. And why would Jumblat meet with the US Secretary of Defense? What is that about? I am sure it was mostly a discussion of "libety" and "democracy". Also, another example of how the US State Department runs the UN secretary-general: notice that Jumblat flies to New York City and meets with the UN's secretary-general whenever he comes to US. I mean, would the esteemed secretary-general, with a busy schedule of following daily US orders, have the time for petty war criminals from small developing countries?