Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One should ask Walid Jumblat (Gumblat in Egyptian accent) why he never showed an enthusiasm for the truth about the killers of his father back in 1977? It raises questions that he seems more concerned about "the truth" about the assassination of Rafiq Hariri than about the assassination of Kamal Jumblat--although the Syrian regime may be responsible for both. He needs to explain why he has forgiven the killers of Kamal Jumblat but not the killers of Rafiq Hariri, when he believes the killers work for the same regime. I am glad that the leftists I knew back in Lebanon opposed Walid Jumblat as soon as he "inherited" his sectarian/feudal leadership in 1977. Outside of his sectarian fiefdom, I never knew anybody who took him seriously.