Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There is so much to talk about in this leaked memo. It contains so many obvious axioms presented as original policy ideas. So badly presented and argued by the National Security Adviser of the US. Look at this one: "Consider monetary support to moderate groups that have been seeking to break with larger, more sectarian parties, as well as to support Maliki himself as he declares himself the leader of his bloc and risks his position within Dawa and the Sadrists." Don't you like "monetary support to moderate groups"? Would you not want to know how they define "moderate groups"? How about this idea: "Engage Sistani to reassure and seek his support for a new nonsectarian political movement." This brilliant National Security Adviser wants to engage Sistani (the NSC adviser does not know that this not-grand-at-all Sistani has refused to meet with any American official) in order to form a non-sectarian group? Does he think that Sistani is a communist? Or how about this: "Step up our efforts to get Saudi Arabia to take a leadership role in supporting Iraq by using its influence to move Sunni populations in Iraq out of violence into politics." Notice that officials in this administration really think that the royal families of Jordan and Saudi Arabia are quite popular among the Arab people. This is quite hilarious.