Sunday, October 29, 2006

Iraq Occupation Inc and Amin Gemayyel. We need to learn more about the relationship between Amin Gemayyel's private security company (managed by his son-in-law) and Iraq Occupation Inc. Gemayyel maintained very good ties with Rumsfeld (ever since the latter was dispatched as a special US envoy when Gemayyel was "president" of Lebanon) and has reportedly obtained contracts with Iraqi puppet ministries. In fact, a plane with millions in cash was intercepted at Beirut airport two years ago, but Rafiq Hariri made sure to cover up the case. The press reported that the cash was given by the Iraqi puppet ministry of interior in the most corrupt government of `Allawi. Gemayyel was today meeting with Mas`ud Barazani in Salah Ad-Din. He referred to past "friendship" between Mustafa Barazani and Pierre Gemayyel. It must be a reference to the time when both militias were receiving opportunistic help from Israeli intelligence.