Sunday, July 30, 2006

My friend Riad wrote this:
"More Israeli lies and propaganda: I was watching Fox news again tonight for my daily dose of propaganda. One correspondent was describing how he was allowed to accompany Israeli soldiers to record their attack on Taibeh. The reporter was told by the group's captain that the aim was to destroy all the houses of the village to keep Hezbollah terrorists from using it in the future. The correspondent waited for hours till the soldiers came back, and the captain told him that they had successfully completed their mission. The reporter, who could see Taibeh from a distance, remarked that all the houses still seem to be intact, exactly as they were before the "successful" attack. Not being one to admit defeat, the captain replied (I am not making this up) that the damage was all internal. What the hell does that mean, internal damage!??? So, according to the IDF, here is what happened: after hours of heavy bombardment and erecting a ring of fire around the village, a group of battle hardened interior decorators attacked and changed the interior arrangement of every single house, then retreated with only few casualties. Let this be a lesson to Hezbollah and all other terrorist organizations. What's next, attack of the landscape divisions?
More Israeli lies and propaganda: again from Fox (before I shut it off in disgust): When asked about the possibility of rockets being launched from the location of the Qana massacre, Major General Edwards, a US military Fox consultant who is solidly pro Israel, said that after looking at an aerial map, there is no possibility that rocket launchers could have been used in that area. He was also eagerly awaiting the results of Israel's investigation into the massacre. Isn't it amazing how the US media never questions the sensibility of the accused investigating the accusation?"