Tuesday, July 25, 2006

American Liberals and the Israeli War on Lebanon: the case of Nicholas D. Kristof. This is a man who turned Darfur into kitsch; this is a man who exploited the suffering of the Darfur victims before the TV cameras. This is a man who organized press tours of the refugees, and if you mention his name, he will get you an autographed picture with a refugee or two. This is a man--it should be remembered--who used his column not to bring attention to the suffering of the refugees and the murders by the Sudanese government and the janjawid but to showcase his "heroic" role--because he takes those highly publicized tours. This is a man who found a pet cause in order to fill the space of his columns--which are so hard to read. Really, see how much you have to struggle to finish a column by him. In fact, I have always believed that people who can finish a whole column by Kristof should receive a blender as a gift. Here, he shares his wisdom about Israeli war on Lebanon: This is what he said about Israeli withdrawal from Arabs lands--as rare as those withdrawals are--that it had brutally and illegally occupied: "Israel should have been rewarded for those withdrawals." He also adds: "Israelis are brimming with moral clarity, as we Americans were after 9/11." I really believe that American liberals are the true inheritors white supremacist colonialism.