Tuesday, June 13, 2006

…off to Lebanon. I will return on July 10th. I will blog from there but without poetry or art. I will take pictures—as I did last year—and then post them upon my return. I will post my speaking engagements there on my site. I am speaking on June 29th (along with my colleagues/friends, Rania Masri and Ahmad Dallal) in Nadi As-Sahah, and speaking at the UN in Beirut on the 26th (the first morning session). I am also speaking on The Bush Doctrine in the Lebanese Laboratory at Masrah Al-Madinah. Details will follow. I am also speaking at Rashidiyyah refugee camp. Please keep me updated about Bush’s “progress” in Iraq. On Lebanese Airlines (it so bothers me that they still call themselves “Middle East Airlines) I always ask for a special Hummus meal.