Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not much time to blog. Much to say, especially on the Lebanese Minister of Ping Ping and acting minister of Interior, Ahmad Fatfat. He said yesterday that when he was in America he spoke to
"the American public opinion." So I ask my American readers: how many of you knew that Mr. Fatfat was in the US? How many of you felt that he was speaking to you, heart-to-heart. Is Fatfat a celebrity in the US now? Also, he was invited for a tete-a-tete with Martin Indyk during his "security" trip. Did Fatfat think that Indyk represents US public opinion? I am speaking on Tuesday morning at UN in downtown Beirut at 9:00AM (Beirut time) (it will be my first talk in English in Lebanon, EVER), and speaking at Nadi As-Sahah on Wednesday at 7:00PM (I think or 7:30PM) Beirut time. I think I will also be interviewed on Al-Hadath program on New TV Wednesday, at 10:30AM Beirut time, I think. I ran into right-wing Lebanonese lawyer, Muhammad Mughrabi at the GYM today. I expected Human Rights Watch workers to be with him, holding his towel, beverage, and clean shirts.