Monday, May 29, 2006

Wake up the children. Wake up the children. Raise the Red Lanterns. Raise the Red Lanterns. Hassan Fattah is back. Hassan Fattah is back. He is now covering Lebanon from....Israel, literally and figuratively. But this is only fitting. After all, he learned the trick of the trade from Martin Peretz at the New Republic. You really learn about protecting Israeli interests over there. Fattah (and his colleague) then said: "The clash began when a militant group in Lebanon fired several Katyusha rockets into northern Israel around 4 a.m. Sunday." Oh, no Mr. Fattah. Oh, no, Mr. Fattah. I know that you need to always portray Israel as a victim, but--and I don't mean to upset you here knowing how much you wish to make Israel appears as a peaceful and pacifist state--the clash did not begin when your beloved Israel was hit by rockets. The clash began two days earlier when Israel detonated a car bomb in Sidon killing two Lebanese brothers. Get your facts, o New York Times reporter.