Monday, May 29, 2006

Those who know Arabic, and who follow the Arab-Israeli conflict, should watch this episode (two parts) on Al-Jazeera with Ghazi Al-Husayni. Sure it had its shortcoming: like the typical Fath man that he is, he easily (and justifiably) offers open criticisms of Syria, but refrains from cirticizing Arab governments event when it was about Jordanian complicity in the assassination of the 3 PLO leaders in April 1973--I know, he lives in Jordan, and has to be careful. But not even criticizing Arab gulf regimes? He did criticize in passing Qadhdhafi's Libya when he urged PLO leaders and fighters in Beirut during the seige to commit suicide. Also, within Fath, he only seems to critize the Fath leaders who were close to Syria, like Abu Khalid Al-`Amlah and Abu Salih, although both men were known for being keen on staying away from corruption--so rampant in the movement during the Beirut sojourn. But Husayni tells a very sad story: a story that began with his father during the Battle of Qastal in 1948, and ended with his own role with Amn (Security) Apparatus of Fath, under Abu Iyad. He was low key during the civil war, and was one of the middle level leaders in the movement. This is a tale of Arab betrayal: and Arab governments today are more subservient to the US than Arab governments were in 1948 (in their subservience to UK).