Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I told Faysal Al-Qasim yesterday that he deserves blame for "discovering" Wafa Sultan. As if we needed another Manji. Is it true that Sultan attended a Taliban-run maaaaaaaaaadraaaaasaaaaaaaaah in LA? He found out about her, with his producer, Ma`n, from looking around Arabic internet sites and chat rooms. But he was suprised that her second appearance on his show got that much attention, but not the first one. I said that this was all about MEMRI, and its rising influence and clout. Between MEMRI and WINEP, we can understand the making of US policy in the Middle East, although the blame should be placed on Bush, or Clinton. MEMRI and WINEP has more influence on ME policy than all the experts on the Middle East at all US governments departments and agencies combined.