Saturday, November 26, 2005

A US puppet evaluates American "liberation" of Iraq. Guess what. Iyad `Allawi (former Iraqi puppet prime minister/former Saddam's henchman/embezzler-in-Yemen/car bomber) says that: "Abuse worse than under Saddam: People are doing the same as [in] Saddam's time and worse,' Ayad Allawi told The Observer. 'It is an appropriate comparison. People are remembering the days of Saddam. These were the precise reasons that we fought Saddam and now we are seeing the same things.'In a damning and wide-ranging indictment of Iraq's escalating human rights catastrophe, Allawi accused fellow Shias in the government of being responsible for death squads and secret torture centres. The brutality of elements in the new security forces rivals that of Saddam's secret police, he said.""