Thursday, November 24, 2005

George W. Bush really wants to explore space. He has been told that people on Mars possess WMDs that pose a threat to the US. In fact, Al-Qa`idah has sleeper cells on Mars too. But Bush has been assured by his science advisors that the people of outer space would welcome US troops with "sweets and flowers." Dick Cheney added--based on the expert opinion of Fouad Ajami--that Arab people would also rejoice for the occupation of other planets. And it is highly unlikely that the people of other planets would mount an insurgency against US (and Macedonian) troops. And Ahmad Chalabi volunteered to serve as the new prime minister of the Martian government. Most importantly, Abu Mus`ab Az-Zarqawi has slipped into Mars, and the US wants to take him out. In fact, it has been a week since US troops have captured or killed a "senior aide" to Zarqawi. That is most unusual and worrisome.