Thursday, June 30, 2005

This I can confirm: Sa`d Hariri did take special tutorials in Beiruti accent after complaints from Beiruti families about his Saudi accent. He also is taking special lessons in Fusha (classical) Arabic. There is more that I cannot post for the time being lest I lose access I have here. Fu'ad Sanyurah is the next prime minister and has already officially pledged to not address the "weapons of the resistance" in Lebanon. He needs the support of Hizbullah-Amal very badly to continue in his mission. The Sunni-Shi`ite rift worries a lot of people here, including me. UNSC 1559 is dead. Kudos to the outgoing Labor Minister in Lebanon for officially permitting Palestinians to work some jobs that were denied to them. Unemployment is as high as 70 percent in `Ayn Al-Hilwa camp. Now the Lebanese can continue to exploit the Palestinian workers as they exploited the Syrian workers in the past. For profit, Lebanese will bend any rule and break any law. I am predicting that US occupation forces will either begin withdrawal or announce a timetabled withdrawal from Iraq within two years. For those who care, I shall appear live at 8:30PM (Beirut Hummus Time Zone) on NBN TV. I have rescheduled my talk in Sidon for next week due to a dinner invitation that I had forgotten about.