Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I have received this message, and I could not verify the information. But if anybody knows anything, please let me know:
"Dear Asلd,
I want to appeal to your strong sense of compassion as a colleague and a fellow Middle-Easterner. One of my dearest friends, Farshid Faraji, an independent Iranian documentary filmmaker, has recently been arrested and imprisoned by the US military in Iraq. We (his family and friends) do not know where he is being held and why. His papers were all legal, and he and his partner, US based, Kourosh Kar (Iranian-American), were in Iraq filming for a historical documentary on King Cyrus. All we know is that Farshid and Kourosh are in US custody, and nothing more. Kourosh has been listed in the Red Cross list of detainees, but not Farshid, and they are held at two different camps. If you google his name(Farshid Faraji), you'll find a few news stories on his case (all Iranian sites). I am so worried that Farshid could be lost in the black hole of US Imperialist prison camp for no reason at all, and since he is an Iranian citizen, why should the US military personnel care to release him anytime soon.
Can you do anything for him? Advocacy? advice on where to go to get help, etc.?"