Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Lebanese Bush: so the Lebanese student groups (representing Hizbullah, Amal, Lebanese communist Party, SSNP, Phalanges (or one element), Maradah movement of Sulayman Franjiyyah, Tawhid Movement, Tahrir Party, The Grouping of Popular Leagues and Committees, and others) that have been staging peaceful demonstrations outside of the US embassy in Lebanon, held their 8th demonstration yesterday, to the dismay of the US government which--according to the Lebanese press--has been pressuring the Lebanese government to stop those "unchic" demonstrations, that Bush cannot brag about here in the US. In yesterday's event: the demonstrators dressed a Lebanese person as Bush (in "cowboy" clothes), and had him read a provocative speech about what he is doing in Iraq, and what he plans to do in Lebanon. As he was reading the speech, the demonstrators got so angry that they started to beat the fake Bush (complete with fake secret service) with sticks. The MC had to remind the audience that this was NOT the real Bush, and that this is a fake Bush. Only then did the audience calm down. Posted by Hello