Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Angry Pope (not to be confused with Angry Arab (who is not Pope--but you never know). I do not mean to displease you, but you have some Angry Pope on your hands. In fact he is furious, and he is mad at postmodernism (and their "relative" values) and at modernity (not of course for the same reasons that Adorno and Horkheimer were mad at modernity in the brilliant Dialectic of Enlightenment). He also (no offense) finds your religion to be "deficient", unless you share his religion that is. And women in the workplace really bother him, and he wants governments to do something about that so that they do not "neglect" their families. And then there is Angry Pope during WWII. He admits that he saw Hungarian Jews being taken to the death camps, but he did not do or say anything to stop it. He says that he was forcibly recruited into Hitler's youth. But he also admits that he was stationed a Nazi anti-aircraft missile battery, but denies shooting at all. He says that his finger infection prevented him from being trained, but why would the Nazis station him there, if they did not train him. Angry Pope is hiding something (just as Waldheim did years ago), and the media will NOT be asking the tough questions of him. But Angry Arab will.