Thursday, April 21, 2005

Angry Pope and...Bin Laden: So Angry Pope (still mad at that modernity and enlightenment thing) said that he agrees with Islamic criticisms of "the West of Christian tradition of moral decadence and the manipulation of human life." That is NOT the position of "Islam" whatever that is. It is however the repeated position of Bin Laden. In fact, the language with which Angry Pope agrees is the language of Bin Laden and his ilk. So did Angry Pope also agree with Oswald Spengler? Or did he think that Spengler's take was too soft and moderate for his taste.
PS: Many Germans did flee Hitler Youth, and many risked their lives to avoid recruitment. Not Angry Pope of course, whose infected finger prevented him from shooting with the anti-craft missile battery at which he was stationed. We still do not know whether Angry Pope's infected finger also prevented him from doing anything when he--by his own admission--witnessed Hungarian Jews being taken to death camps.