Saturday, March 19, 2005

This chronology of Lebanese history in the Washington Post could easily be signed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. (By the way, for those who care, my new and expanded edition of the Historical Dictionary of Lebanon should come out late this year, or next year). If you want to read about Lebanon, I recommend these authors (in Arabic, English, and French): Michael Hudson, Augustus Richard Norton, George Corm, Pierre Rondot, Dominique Chevalier, Roger Owen, Albert Hourani, Halim Barakat, Wajih Kawtharani, Mas`ud Dahir, Kamal Salibi (after 1970), Walid Khalidi, Rashid Khalidi, Usamah Maqdisi, Ghassan Salamah, Fadl Shruru, Sami Dhibyan, Malcolm Kerr, Salim Nasr (before 1990), Helena Cobban, Nizar Hamzeh, Robert Fisk (before he met Hariri), among others.