Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Did I miss anything? Did Bush "liberate" new countries in my absence? A DJ friend in DC tells me that rich Lebanese now chant the slogans of the right-wing opposition in trendy Washington, DC night clubs. When I took a cab from Dulles airport to Georgetown, I asked the ground dispatcher for a cab where I can sit in the front seat. (I have to drive the vehicle I am in, or I have to sit in the front--I should try to ask cab drivers to drive their cabs). He pointed me towards one, I took a look and almost fainted. It had so much dirt and food (beef stew, potato au gratin, buffalo wings, a cup of Wendy's chili (I did not check if it had human fingers in it, etc), and I said that it is ok, I will take another cab. He asked why? I said: I do not want to sit on food. He said: "why do you care about that since you are wearing blue jeans? I said: the fact that I am wearing blue jeans does not mean that I like to sit on food. He said: "but you are wearing blue jeans." I said: my jeans can be clean, you know. " He said: but you are wearing blue jeans. I asked for his opinion on Iraq. He said: but you are wearing blue jeans. (Are you wearing blue jeans)?