Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oh, NO. Saddam is writing poetry. The Egyptian Arab nationalist publication Al-Usbu` (which is edited by a supporter of Saddam) published the minutes of the recent meeting between Saddam and his Iraqi lawyer. First, the lawyer was told by Saddam's US guards to not hug Saddam, but he insisted on hugging him, and he gave him the military salute, and then kissed his hand. Saddam immediately brought out a small yellow notebook and a pencil (the Arabic word qalam could be pen or pencil) and said: "Listen my son to this poem.
If you are not a head, do not be other
for other is only the tail
إن لم تكن رأسا فلا تكن آخره..
فليس الآخر سوي الذنب
and he continued to the end of the (lousy)poem which impressed me"--not Angry Arab but that lousy Saddam fan and lawyer. Saddam said that he wrote it in his cell. Then Saddam obscenely talked about oppression and pride and such other lofty terms that can only sound obscene from his mouth. The lousy lawyer then told Saddam: "My Mr. President. You are the Master and Leader, and I am the student. I came to take your guidance." Arrogant Saddam then asked him about the reaction to his day in court. The lawyer told him that it "had a great positive impact on the morale of the Iraqi and Arab street." The bloody dictator who killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, then had the audacity to inquire about the "conditions of the Iraqi people." Saddam then said (among other things): "I and my comrades in the command knew that the aggression was coming, and that the claims of the Bush the 2nd and those around him were an attempt to market aggression." He then said: "I want to tell you that the glorious Iraqi resistance had prepared itself well....I want to tell you, son, that the second page of the occupation began on 11/4/2003, i.e. two days after the occupation. I met with the political and military leaders on that day and told them: Now, let you begin the second page of the battle...That is why what is happening [resistance] now is not due to chance nor a mere spontaneous reaction, but an operation that had been planned a long time prior to the aggression. We knew that day was coming, and we were certain that the big battle would begin after the occupation of Baghdad, and not before...Yes, treason did happen at the hand of a very limited group." Then Saddam had a long diatribe against Iranians: "These are Persians who go back to their origins... Thus is their narrative, and nothing is new. I warn of the betrayal of Iran, and its blatant intervention in Iraqi affairs. It is behind inciting sedition..." Saddam then asked about Arab media, and he praised Mustafa Bakri (editor of the Egyptian Al-Usbu`), `Abdul-Bari `Atwan (editor of the London-based Al-Quds Al-`Arabi), and Fahd Ar-Rimawi (editor of the Jordanian Al-Majd). He sent his salutations to those three, and to the demagogic UK MP George Galloway and Ramsey Clark (and to Mahathir Mohamad and Nelson Mandela). And then said he this: "And you have to tell them, and the free Arab people, that if Saddam's morale was 90 % during the token hearing session, it is now 120 %. Tell them that I am steadfast inside my prison...And I am very optimistic...They have conspired against the legitimate regime in Iraq, and took over power." Saddam then told his version of the story of his capture: "I know that they are masters of dubbing, and I certainly expected that they would present me in the image of the humiliated person to say to the Iraqis: This is your president...This is their method, the mthod of silly cowboy movies...They are experts in that. In reality, I was in the house of a friend whom I trust in the district of Ad-Dur in the governorate of Salah Ad-Din, and the time was around sunset, and I was reading the Qur'an, and when I went to perform prayer of maghrib, suddenly I found the Americans around me, and I did not have any security contingent at the time, and my weapon was far from me, so they captured me and kidnapped me. And I was subjected to the worse forms of torture in the first and second day. And if I knew of their presence, I would have fought them until martyrdom." Saddam, whose piety seems to increase with every military and political defeat that he suffers, prayed twice during the session with the lawyer, according to the lawyer. Saddam then questioned the integrity of the upcoming Iraqi election, having won the last Iraqi election with 100% of the vote (or was it 103 %?).
P.S. It is likely of course that Saddam is lying about the circumstances of his capture because the details have been very damaging for his image that he had carefully cultivated for decades.