Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Finally, the New York Times (and unnamed US officials) admit the obvious, that "Iraq's Forces Founder Under Rebel Assaults." It is much worse. To the American people: If you only know how much you are lied to by the US government on Iraq (not to mention other issues). (To Angry Arab: some do not know, and would not care anyway. Some do not know, and would care. Others know and care, but others know and do not care as long as the cities, villages, and towns of Iraq are being bombed to the ground by heroic US forces in the name of fighting terrorism. I say this because while US officials talk about the "participation" of Iraqi puppet forces in the "battle" of Fallujah, the very puppet commander of the Iraqi puppet National Guard said in an interview in the Khalij newspaper in UAE that the role of his forces in Fallujah was "purely humanitarian" and that its members did not participate in "military operations." This will not be found in US newspapers.