Sunday, November 28, 2004

The dismissal of the Crown Prince in Jordan is quite significant. The rule of the King `Abdullah is striking as quite clumsy. His father was a shrewd tyrant; this one is a foolish tyrant. Husayn knew when to swing away from US (67 or 90 or whenever the interest of throne required it), this one is way too eager to please US and Israel and that will bring his downfall, I predict. Not that the Crown Prince was an Arab nationalist. But this early fight within the royal family at a time of mounting dissent in Jordan, will increase instability. An 8 year old will take his place, no doubt (I mean `Abdullah's son will become Crown Prince). Dont be surprised. This very king `Abdullah was an able Crown Prince at the age of...THREE, before Husayn later appointed his brother Hasan, only to dismiss him before his death. The three-year old Crown Prince `Abdullah was noted for his wisdom and political skills. But he was mostly famous (as a Baby Crown Prince) for his royal vomit. THe masses in Jordan really enjoyed that. The decision by the king will bring tears to the eyes of the Crown Prince's mother, Queen Nur. She may cry on Larry King Live. I am willing to go through the pain of Larry King Live for that one.