Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I do not understand Democrats, and their whiny protests about "unfairness." This Democratic Party candidate will lose the election, because his party is not good at the necessary dirty and nasty campaigns that are required to win elections. This is universally true. In the 2000 parliamentary elections in Lebanon, I was talking to then prime minister Salim Huss who headed the opposition against the horrible present-day prime minister billionaire Rafiq Hariri. I asked Huss whether he will respond to the very sectarian and dirty campaign that Hariri was running against him. Huss told me firmly that he would not stoop to that level. I said: You will lose if you do not stoop; that is politics. He wound up losing big, and retired (in theory) from politics. Here, Kerry went to a government commission to stop the ad by the Swift Boat Veterans for Potatoes. I am not on their side (nor on Kerry's side) but I do believe some of the accusations leveled against him. There is increasing evidence that he did indeed embellish his military records, and is exploiting it for political purposes. Yet, he wants the public to just applaud his military record without asking any questions. That will not work. You can all go to sleep now. NOW.