Friday, April 30, 2004

When you disagree with the cruel US colonial war in Iraq, people often tell you that you do not speak for Iraqis. They often give you anecdotal evidence instead: as in, once I met this guy, who knew this woman, whose uncle once talked to somebody, whose nephew talked to an Iraqi on the phone, and she/he reports that a neighbor told her that Iraqis are just thrilled with US bombs and with US prisons and occupation of Iraq. Well, let us refer the matter to Iraqis. Let them speak for themselves. This is the most comprehensive poll of Iraqis, EVER, and it was conducted by Iraqis in face-to-face interviews (and Geraldo was not present, to my knowledge). Full text: this is Part I, and this is Part II. Among the findings: 52 % of Iraqis do NOT think that US war was justified; 61 % of all Iraqis think that attacks on US troops can be (or sometimes can be) justified; 58% of all Iraqis think that US forces in Iraq have conducted themselves very (or fairly) badly; 71 % of all Iraqis think that US forces are mostly occupiers; and 57 % of all Iraqis want US forces to leave immediately--one more time, IMMEDIATELY. In Baghdad--not in Fallujah, the picture is more negative. 60 % of all Baghdad residents think that invasion has done more harm than good; 59% do not find US military action to be justified (although 100 % find the actions of the 38 Macedonian soldiers to be admirable, just admirable); 67% of all believe that attacks on US forces are (or sometimes are) justified; and 81 % believe that US forces conducted themselves very or fairly badly. To that I say: "liberation" my potato. And notice that US media will not be highlighting the poll, or sharing the findings, although I am sure that they will find some 52 % of Iraqis who enjoy fresh bread, and will attribute that percentage to the occupation. Leave it to US media to put a positive spin on US colonial adventures.