Thursday, April 29, 2004

Now who is really behind the attacks on US troops in Iraq? Well, here is the chronology according to US officials: first, it was Saddam Husayn; no, it is his cancer-stricken deputy who looks like my grandfather on his deathbed; no it is the man with the wooden leg (Abu Mus`ab Az-Zarqawi) who hops and jumps around the Middle East; no, it is the Republican Guards; oh, who would have guessed: it is all Saddam's briefcase which has all the plans plotted; oh, no, we mean these are foreign terrorists; oh, no it is the people in Tikrit; no, it is Iran; oh, no we mean Syria; oh, did we say Syria, we are talking about Hizbullah; ok, but now the truth has been revealed. The New York Times is citing a new Pentagon's report which now shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is Saddam's former secret police (elements of which are now part of the occupation apparatus). But I like how the Times adds this: "While the report cites specific evidence, other important assessments of American intelligence on Iraq have been challenged and even proven wrong."