Monday, April 19, 2004

At a time when you are surrounded by suffocating propaganda, wars and imperial designs, leaders who take orders from "god", and human suffering all around you, small things may make you happy, or may make Angry Arab less angry. After a 4-mile run, I was rather pleased to enjoy my first water-melon of the season. And the inventor (genius, really) who got rid of water melon seeds deserves a Nobel Prize (in medicine or physics or chemistry or literature, or even peace--just give her/him one for me even if you have to create a new category of Nobel Prize in Fruit Improvement Technology). My mother swears that fruits and vegetables in the Middle East have more taste than those in US. Now I am no expert: in the French distinction between a "gourmet" and a "gourmand", I am more the latter than the former. But I must confess that the mangoes in Lebanon, which are served to Angry Arab upon arrival for his daily visits to his mother's house in Beirut, are particularly delicious. But Angry Arab is least angry when the peach season begins. I shall declare the official beginning of the peach season in a special post.