Friday, November 28, 2003

Why all this noise about this Bush’s trip to Iraq? Well, it proves that Iraq is safe and peaceful. Yes, the president stayed for two hours only, but that was close to 120 minutes. Not a short period of time, especially if measured by dog years standards. To be sure, the trip was a sneak visit, and lights were turned off, and he threatened to return the plane (he called it “this baby”) if the press leaked the news. It proves that the president is right: he is making progress (do not tell him that a US soldier was killed hours after his departure). And we are told that he met with Iraqis: that was true: 4 of the most enthusiastic puppets of the Iraqi puppet council were whisked (probably blindfolded) to a secret location so that they could shake hands with this historic leader. In the short speech that Bush made, “freedom” and “free” were used no less than 7 times. And the US media is going crazy over the trip; and they insult their own American troops, that they worship so deeply, by suggesting that the two hour trip was a great boost to troop morale. Why?