Wednesday, February 20, 2013

John Mearsheimer about the Israeli lobby

I had a chance to ask John Mearsheimer yesterday at the University of Chicago about his experience since the publication of his article (with Stephen Walt) and later book about the Israeli lobby.  He permitted me to cite on the blog: he told me that he had published 11 op-ed pieces in the New York Times before the appearance of the article on the Israeli lobby.  Two of those were solicited by the Times. He said that after the appearance of the article, he has not published one op-ed piece and the ones he sent were rejected.  He said that his speaking engagements went through a steep decline as a result.  But it was refreshing to see him not intimidated by the Israeli lobby that he wrote about.  I suggested that some academic should write a book similar to the book that Paul Findley wrote about the US Congress.