Monday, October 17, 2016

Once again: my theory is validated. All friends of Israel in the Middle East are anti-Semites who are protected by Zionists

Gülen’s sermons were pro-business, pro-science, and—virtually unheard of in the Muslim world—conciliatory toward Israel...His book “From Chapter to Chapter,’’ published in 1995, contained a rant in which he accused the “Jewish tribe” of developing ideas, such as Communism, that seduced the world into disaster. “This intelligent tribe has put forth many things throughout history in the name of science and thought,” Gülen wrote. “But these have always been offered in the form of poisoned honey.” He continued, “Jews will maintain their existence until the apocalypse. And shortly before the apocalypse, their mission of acting as the coil-spring for humanity’s progress will come to an end, and they will prepare their end with their own hands.”"  Of course, as always, Israel and Zionists will protect any anti-Semite who is conciliatory toward Israel, just as they protected Nazi SS scientist, Von Braun as a favor to US government.