Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Daily Beast on Hizbullah and drugs

Belén Fernández refutes the Daily Beast. Let me add:
1) drugs have been cultivated in Lebanon long before the 1960s.  I saw the first plantation in Hirmil when I was a child. 
2) the clans of the Biqa` which deals in drug cultivation are not necessarily friendly with Hizbullah. There is friction in the relationship.
3) Why should Lebanese import the drug war of the US?
4) Daily Beast distorted the words of the Hizbullah Minister, Hajj Hasan, who have been advocating against drug cultivation but who also has urged for a reaslitic substitute to the poppy seeds.  
5) Not one of those single articles ever presented evidence.
6) There is no mention of the roles of Syrian regime mukhabarat in dealing with the drug cultivation over the years. That is the story.
7) there are politicians from March 8 and from March 14 who are involved in this.