Thursday, January 22, 2015

Turkish defector exposing the role in Syria

From Ali, Angry Arab's correspondent in Turkey: "After documents showing how Turkish intelligence providing the groups in Syria were leaked,  Another significant witness show up himself and break the silence.

An ex-Senior MIT (Turkish intelligence) official, working on Syria during early stages of the armed uprising and handed over Hussain Harmoush who was believed to be mastermind behind bloody massacre in Jisr ash-Shougur in 2011 to Syrian authorities breaks the silence and exposes their role in the war.

* I didn't gave Harmoush to Syrian government for money, I did it for may conscience, we knew that he killed 138 people in Jisr ash-Shougur but MIT attached importance to him, this was disturbing me.
•    Thousands of people from different countries were coming to Turkey with no legal papers, and Turkish officials helped them to cross the border.
•    Turkish port of Iskenderun was used as an hub to arm the jihadists. Ships unload the weapons to Iskenderun port where they were load to lorries and sent to border.
•    Leading Syrian oppositions figures continued their anti-Alawite rhetoric in Hatay. They told Syrian refugees that be careful about Alawite doctors and nurses etc.
•    I am ready to expose the role of Turkish government in any international court. I am ready to give testimony as a witness. "