Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Father Mansour Labaky: a child molester from Lebanon

So Father Mansour Labaky by all accounts has been (allegedly) molesting children for years. He even ran camps for children in Lebanon and France.  He was also active in calling for censorship of the arts in Lebanon if the contents of the arts offend the "moral sensibilities" of the church.  But Father Labaky was powerful and there was no attempt to exact punishment on him or even to investigate his abuses, not even when his own sister complained that he (allegedly) raped her little girl.  But Father Labaky allegedly molested European children in the camp and the churchs in France and Rome were compelled to take action.  He was found to be guilty and the news was only published in a French Catholic publication.  Today, Mansour Labaky resides in a monastery in a mountain resort town, Brummana, and was sentenced to "a life of prayer".  I am not making this up.  Lebanese media are ignoring the story and the right-wing sectarian TV, LBC TV, aired a disgusting report in which they tried to deny the charges and to imply that his sister was motivated by money (as if she got any money). (thanks Laure)

PS This child molester is also an anti-Semite who had written about child molestation before.